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The Tampa Bay Super Bowl LV Host Committee’s (TBSBLVHC) Sustainability Program presented by Tampa Electric, and in partnership with NFL Green, is designed to incorporate sustainability principles and programs into the overall management of Super Bowl-related and Host Committee-hosted events throughout the Tampa Bay area. The primary focus of TBSBLVHC and NFL Green initiatives will be on mitigating the environmental impact, elevating the community engagement and ultimately leaving a lasting legacy. Objectives include but are not limited to diversion of solid waste from local landfills, reduction of food waste, material recovery and reuse efforts, offsetting energy through the purchase and retirement of renewable energy certificates (REC’s), focusing on greening projects including tree planting, community gardens, pollinator habitat creation, etc., prioritizing projects that contribute to climate resiliency, hosting recycling rallies, executing a Green Team and incentivizing Super Bowl fans that assist in local sustainability efforts.