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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of ways local businesses can get involved in the Super Bowl procurement process, the first of which is Business Connect - the NFL's special event supplier diversity program. The Business Connect program creates opportunities for local diverse business owners to compete for Super Bowl contracts. The program will identify a maximum of 250 local diverse businesses, suppliers, and service providers from our area to participate in the program. Accepted businesses will be profiled in the online Business Connect Resource Guide, allowing Super Bowl contractors to quickly identify qualified and experienced providers of goods and services. Participants in the Business Connect program are also eligible to participate in professional development workshops and networking events designed to increase the capacity of local businesses to succeed in their local markets post-Super Bowl.

  • All Business Connect vendors are required to be certified as minority (MBE), women (WBE), veteran (VOBE) or LGBT-owned businesses (LGBTBE)
  • The minority owner must hold 51% of the company
  • The company must have been in business for at least three years
  • Businesses must be the direct source for work they are competing for
  • The company must have established offices within the Super Bowl host city
  • The company must offer services that match those requested by NFL contractor
  • Being a member of the Business Connect Resource Guide means your company was selected as one of the best local, diverse providers of goods and services in your specific business category. You and other Resource Guide vendors are eligible to compete for contracts related to Super Bowl events.

    We do not use titles such as "exclusive supplier" or "preferred vendor" to describe companies listed in the Business Connect Resource Guide. Businesses included in the Business Connect Resource Guide (BCRG) are considered "approved" suppliers because they have met the eligibility criteria of the Business Connect program. As such, your business is a part of an exclusive listing of businesses utilized by event producers from the Host Committee and NFL contractors who are looking for experienced, qualified local suppliers with the capacity to help complete their Super Bowl contracts.

    The Super Bowl Business Connect Resource Guide will be an online NFL database of local approved and certified businesses that can contract with the NFL, its affiliates and contractors, the Host Committee, or other interested parties for the Super Bowl. The information will be displayed on the Business Connect website, which requires a contractor passcode. The information will not be sold. At the end of the Business Connect program, the Business Connect Resource Guide will be uploaded to the NFL's National Supplier Diversity Database which is utilized by NFL staff, teams, sponsors and others affiliated with the NFL. We will also gift the resource guide to the NFL team in your city, the mayor's office, corporate procurement partners and any major sporting event contracted to work in your city after Super Bowl.

    Upon acceptance into the Business Connect Resource Guide, member businesses are instructed to log on to the Business Connect Online Portal to create a comprehensive profile that spotlights your company and showcases what product or service best represents your work. You should include information that will help buyers during their selection process, including:
  • Primary business contact person and their cell phone number
  • Website address
  • Business Profile description (one paragraph)
  • Business Capability Document
  • Company Logo
  • Pictures that showcase your body of work
  • Yes. Please submit your edits to In the subject of the email please include "Business Connect Vendor Supplier Profile Edit".

    The Business Connect Resource Guide is a resource for contractors and event producers associated with Super Bowl. The NFL, its affiliates, contractors and the Super Bowl Host Committee staff are not limited nor mandated to using the companies listed in the Super Bowl Business Connect Resource Guide. However, they are asked to aggressively utilize the program. The Business Connect program creates opportunities for local diverse businesses to compete for Super Bowl contracts.

    Business Connect Resource Guide members cannot use the NFL, Business Connect or Host Committee logos. This includes on websites, social media, LinkedIn, company newsletters, etc.

    Yes. If your company is listed in the Business Connect Resource Guide, you can list that information on your web page or company newsletters, and share your designation as a Business Connect Resource Guide member in a press release.

    Sample: Company XYZ has been accepted as an approved supplier of the NFL Business Connect Businesses program. XYZ will be listed in the NFL's official Business Connect Resource Guide (BCRG) which is the official sourcing guide for NFL contractors and event producers seeking experienced and certified, local, diverse businesses with the capacity to compete for contract opportunities related to Super Bowl LV.

    If your business generates a press release related to your relationship with the Business Connect program, please forward a copy to your Business Connect contact at the Host Committee prior to releasing it so that our team can ensure that your verbiage is compliant with NFL and Host Committee guidelines.

    The products and services listed on the Super Bowl Business Connect website have been provided by the National Football League (NFL) based on prior experience and supplier requests. There is no guarantee that additional products or services would be needed beyond those listed in the application, nor are there any guarantees that goods and services will be purchased from the categories listed. Contact your local Host Committee representative if you have questions related to your business being accepted into the Business Connect program.

    The Super Bowl Business Connect program is not accepting independent sales or marketing pitches from suppliers. As contracting opportunities become available, please respond directly to the buyer with your capabilities.

    No, you are not. If your business provides more than one product or service, you should select the items that your business has the most experience providing. Businesses are listed by their primary category in the Resource Guide. The Business Connect team reserves the right to re-classify businesses as deemed more appropriate for the goods and services provided/and or needed.

    Super Bowl contracting is a 14-month process - between December and the following February. Event producers and contractors use the Business Connect Resource Guide as one tool to identify suppliers. All purchasing processes and decisions, however, rest solely with the buyer. There is no centralized site for RFPs and no master calendar of when opportunities are available. Contractors will contact vendors when they are ready to build their programs and events. Business Connect suppliers are encouraged to always be ready to take the call. Keep your company profile up-to-date to ensure that, if utilized, the prospective buyer has as much accurate information about your business as possible.

    We encourage business owners to be responsive, honest and flexible when working with parties soliciting requests for the RFPs. Also, attending Business Connect workshops and networking events help our team to get to know you and your company's capabilities. It allows us to make recommendations to contractors based on our knowledge of your business. However, please understand that there are no guarantees that contracts will be awarded to individual businesses listed in the Business Connect Resource Guide.

    Businesses that are selected for the Business Connect Resource Guide will be contacted directly by buyers. Additionally, RFPs may be distributed to Business Connect businesses, and others in the marketplace, that provide products or services in the desired category(ies). The procurement process is at the discretion of each buyer.

    Our contractors have shared the following tips with us:

  • Always list your cell phone number on your business card, email and website. NFL contractors work nights and weekends. If they call your business, you need to answer the phone and be ready to do business.

  • Know your business capabilities and the cost of your services. NFL event planners know exactly how much goods and services cost in your city. Businesses that attempt to engage in "gouging" practices will be removed from the Business Connect program.

  • UNDERPROMISE AND OVERDELIVER. Come ready to work hard. We have one shot to impress a worldwide audience.