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1 on 1 with Michael Farrant

1 on 1 with Michael Farrant

Michael Farrant is the Multimedia Manager for the Tampa Bay Super Bowl LV Host Committee. In this role, he assists the Host Committee marketing team with day-to-day planning and execution of all multimedia initiatives, including public relations/communications, website, video creation, media buys as well as other new and traditional media. Michael joined the Tampa Bay Sports Commission (TBSC) on December 15, 2012, as the organization’s Multimedia Specialist and in 2019, he was promoted to Multimedia Manager. A content curator for the Sports Commission, Farrant is responsible for showcasing the Sports Commission’s ever-growing story, both regionally and nationally, via multiple creative outlets including design, digital, social, public relations, and other traditional and new media. Michael joined the Sports Commission after spending five years as the Manager of Athletic Communications at Saint Leo University and played a marketing role in a plethora of major Tampa Bay sporting events including, two NCAA Women’s Final Four’s, the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship, Frozen Four, NHL All-Star Game, WrestleMania 36 and Super Bowl LV. Michael graduated from Saint Leo University in 2007 with a degree in Sport Management. He currently resides in Tampa, FL, with his wife, Jen, and his son, Lucas.

Michael Farrant, Multimedia Manager 

Before your role with the Tampa Bay Sports Commission, you spent five years in sports information with Saint Leo University’s Athletic Department. How did working in college athletics ignite your passion and dedication to the sports industry?

When I first arrived at Saint Leo as a student in 2003, it was my dream to work in a college athletics department. I was incredibly blessed to have a strong support system that nudged me in the right direction, introducing me to the right people as a freshman. My student years allowed me to discover a series of opportunities in athletics, from coaching, game operations, to statistician. All of those individual moments led to me earning a position within the sports information department after graduation. Sports information at the Division II level offers a surplus of growth opportunities, and that is where I was able to hone my work ethic as well as my digital capabilities. Becoming a content curator was not my original goal, but with the expansion of social media and video marketing, I saw a need that I was able to take advantage of. After my first video project, a men’s soccer season preview, I knew I found my niche and I never looked back. I cannot thank Saint Leo enough for allowing me the opportunity to find my passion and help build the foundation I would need to perform at the highest level.

When you reflect on the last eight years with the Sports Commission, what are you most proud of?

Eight years…Wow! What an unforgettable experience! Working together with so many remarkable organizations, meeting the most extraordinary people, and experiencing some of sports most memorable moments are just the tip of the iceberg. The Tampa Bay Sports Commission has become a trendsetter organization in many areas. Still, I am especially proud of the strides and leadership role our organization has taken on in the digital and social spaces. We have built an in-house digital marketing firm, that now allows us to showcase our story in unique, entertaining, and effective ways, while also building the largest social media following of any sports commission in the country. Ultimately though, I get to work in a field I am ultra-passionate about, alongside the best and brightest in the business. Whether it is telling the story of a local youth athlete overcoming an obstacle at our annual Sneaker Soiree, talking to the all-stars walking the red carpet or catching the reaction of the fans and guests experiencing all that Tampa Bay has to offer, every moment makes me proud.

No one has a better understanding of “behind the scenes.” What is life like behind the camera?

The “behind the scenes” life is certainly memorable and entertaining. You get to see, hear and experience so much more than what the final product may show when you hit play and that is my favorite part. Those are the moments I connect with and are the instances that make it all worthwhile. Most of the time, those moments are “laugh until you cry” situations, but I have seen and experienced the full spectrum of emotions. It’s also my chance to collaborate with others and articulate a personal vision of creativity. Whether they are collective or personal, watching ideas come to life on camera is one of the best feelings.

You are primarily responsible for telling Team Tampa Bay’s story. What is it about this community that makes it a “best seller”?

There is no other community like #TeamTampaBay. The comradery between individuals, companies, organizations, and franchises alike is something to see. The area’s never-ending support and partnership with one another helps tie the community together. I will always be able to lean back on this Super Bowl planning experience as the primary example of how we push and pull as one. Despite the current climate, each entity from the largest organization to local small business realizes the importance of Super Bowl week. To watch so many put the community’s greater good ahead of themselves is what Team Tampa Bay is all about. I’m just fortunate to have the opportunity to help shine a light on a part of this incredible team’s story