1 on 1 with Jordyn Tramble

1 on 1 with Jordyn Tramble
Jordyn Tramble is the Manager of Host Committee Events for the Tampa Bay Super Bowl LV Host Committee. Her main focus will be the management and production of the Host Committee’s portion of Super Bowl Experience. She will also assist in overseeing the operations and production of several other key Host Committee events throughout the Tampa Bay area.
Tramble joined the Tampa Bay Sports Commission as the organization’s Creative Specialist in November of 2017 focusing on graphic design, content creation, as well as web/digital/social and email marketing. Tramble has since been elevated to Creative and Events Specialist, serving also as an event manager for the Event Development Institute.
Prior to joining the Sports Commission, Tramble served as the Marketing Manager on the 2017 World Rowing Championships host committee. Her professional experience began with two internships working for Hermes Sports & Events on events such as Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk in Milwaukee, WI and for Great Lakes Publishing on events such as the Best of Cleveland and Inside Business Hall of Fame. She is also currently an active member on the Marketing Committee for the Women in Sports and Events (WISE) Tampa Bay Chapter. She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Certification in Leadership and Service
from Ohio University in Athens, OH and is currently working towards a Master of Sport Administration.
Jordyn Tramble, Manager of Host Committee Events
In your role as the Manager of Super Bowl LV Host Committee Events, a huge part of your role is in managing and producing Super Bowl Experience presented by Lowe’s, the NFL’s fan festival along the Riverwalk downtown. What makes this footprint so unique in comparison to past cities?
Much like the rest of our Host Committee staff, I will wear multiple hats when it comes to Super Bowl responsibilities; however, my main focus will be planning, managing and ultimately producing a portion of Super Bowl Experience, the NFL’s largest sanctioned fan festival. As you can imagine, we’ve been working on the planning for Super Bowl Experience and other Host Committee events for over a year, so it’s very exciting to see some of the plans and ideas come to life now that the game is getting closer. For me, there’s a sense of thrill involved in navigating through the concept phase and getting to a point where the pieces are coming together to form what will be an incredible resume of events for both the visiting fans and locals to enjoy. Tampa Bay is a special community, so I feel very
lucky to be able to help make it shine on one of the biggest of stages in February.
Why do you believe Tampa is such a highly sought after host city for sporting events and beyond?
Tampa is a really special destination. The obvious answer is the great weather and proximity to world-class beaches, but that just barely scrapes the surface. Tampa is a very diverse area with a rich culture and history. Between the fun, family-friendly attractions like Busch Gardens and the array of museums and shopping options, Tampa has something to offer for everyone. It’s an ideal destination for sporting events because of our top tier facilities and event venues on
top of being home to arguably the best airport in the U.S. The city is also constantly evolving with new hotels and restaurants opening to further the list of accommodations available. But I think what truly makes Tampa a desired host city and what makes event organizers want to return is the community. The Tampa Bay community fully embraces every major event that comes in town. The support spans not only the city of Tampa but to the entire Tampa Bay region. Community members enjoy the visiting sporting events from all aspects whether it’s attending as a fan or getting involved as a community ambassador. I think we do a great job of making everyone feel welcome.
You have served on the Tampa Bay Sports Commission for the past three years. What is your #1 goal when planning an event? What keeps you motivated to continue to bring and deliver world-class events to the Tampa Bay area?
The Tampa Bay Sports Commission is all about elevation. How can we make something even better? That is one question that I ask myself before every event. Almost every major sporting event comes with ancillary events that the host committee is required to facilitate. Our goal is to take those existing events and make them more impactful, so much so that it leaves a positive lasting impression on both the Tampa Bay community and the visiting organization. We measure success based on whether or not an event returns and in my three years with the Sports Commission, we have hosted two major NHL events, a third NCAA Women’s Final Four, several other NCAA championships and now we’re four months from hosting our fifth Super Bowl. I’m motivated to continue the legacy that was started before me. It also helps to work with some of the best teammates I’ve ever had. #DreamTeam
What are you looking most forward to over the next four months as Tampa welcomes the area’s fifth Super Bowl to the region?
I am really looking forward to watching our city’s picturesque scenery transform into a sprawling Super Bowl LV campus. Because of my background and passion for creative services, I can’t wait to witness the event décor takeover and the installation of larger-than-life signage throughout downtown bring the city to life. However, I’m most excited to see fans traverse the Riverwalk and take part in Super Bowl Experience presented by Lowe’s. Watching all of our hard work come to fruition and be enjoyed by visiting fans and locals alike genuinely puts a smile on my face and makes it all worth it.